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    At this time when there is increasing interest in family history and our national heritage. The Friends of Margam Abbey seek to attract support from everyone with connections to the ancient parish: those who were Baptised there: relatives of loved ones buried in the quiet churchyard: people who were born in Margam but have since moved away and whose who, whilst having no personal connection with the area, appreciate the importance of its links with the history of Wales.

      For many people interested in their ancestry, a search of the parish registers will be undertaken, and visitors to the Abbey will always be assured of a warm welcome and a helpful guide from among the volunteers in the parish.

       We hope in years to come that people who may move away from the area will still feel part of the family of Friends that has developed and will remember with affection the Friends with their continued support in helping to preserve and enhance this living church which has stood the test of nearly nine hundred years.

Present day activities include.

The Parish Office

The Friends contribute to all costs with the running of the Parish administration, not only  monetary contributions but also skills, volunteers and other assistance.

Parish Fund Raising.

    The Friends provide a business structure which helps the Parish with fund raising activities offering its equipment, skills, volunteers and other staff at the disposal of the Vicar and Wardens. This combination means Parish events rarely have any wastage, with any remaining commodities being put to further use by other activities carried out by the Friends.

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