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In 1920 the vicar of the Parish St Theodores mentioned in a P.C.C. meeting the necessity of building a church at Groeswen to meet the needs of the growing population in that area.

In 1923 the vicar announced that Messrs’ Baldwin and Mr Byass had promised financial support towards the building of a church, the estimated cost of which was £1000.  It was decided to proceed with the scheme but, for various reasons, this could not be carried out and for the next 13 years nothing was heard of the matter.

In 1936 interest was again revived when the Margam Estate promised to provide a site for the church, and in 1939 Captain Fletcher conveyed the land at Tyfry Road to the Church in Wales for the building of a place of worship.

There were now renewed discussions concerning the type of building to be erected, whether it should be a church or a church hall. Eventually the former was favoured at the estimated cost of £2500.

The war unfortunately halted the scheme for nine years. In1948 the decision to build a church was made again and plans were prepared by Mr Llewellyn Thomas, and planning permission obtained.
However, there was little prospect of any Diocesan financial assistance so no progress was made.
Although there was no immediate prospect of a church being built permission was granted for a Sunday School to be held.

In 1956, the then vicar, Rev. David Reece  announced that a Representative Body Grant of £2500 was promised and a ‘Margam Road Appeal’ with a house to house collection was commenced for one year. Eighty volunteers acted as collectors and the sum of £2048 3s 6p was raised. Sewing parties were also held in the houses of some members of the local community each week. Items made at these parties were sold at Bazaars to raise extra money for the building of the church. There was much publicity given to the appeal in the local press and in the Church Times.

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